I NEED BATMAN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

or will someone PLEASE treat me to Bat Man (I’m trying to see what the competitoin’s doing, you know me being…YUP still, even after this week, actually ESPECIALLY AFTER THIS WEEK), I won’t even sit w/u and ill BRING popcorn!

ALSO I was informed of this by the (nice!) muslim brother that hosts our site.

My legal name change is to take effect on 7/23/08, but now i will have to add Washington back to it i guess, which means it will probably take longer.

also i had no idea women weren’t supposed to change their names at all.  Guess u r NOT gonna be “Mrs. Washington” sis 🙂 , but…

see ya

info he sent me below.

thanks bro.


Brother.. I dont know if its permissible to change your family name.

You must have heard of some popular converts who converted, they all kept their last name. I will mention a few…. Hamza Yusuf Hanson, Abdur Raheem Green, and so on.. Infact I have heard that it is NOT permissible to change your last name, it is haram since its a part of your lineage.. And for this same reason women are not allowed to change their last name on marraige.

That is why I am asking this question.
Here is a link to this (I just searched on islam-qa which is a very reliable source of information for me)



~ by siddiq khalifah on July 18, 2008.

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