I AM A MADMAN- Last Post Stays and I XPLAIN being The World’s foremost UNBLOGGER

Well, Good Morning Khalifites (you did say it was alrite to call you that, right? HA!)

Today’s SIDDIQETTS (like snipetts, but…)

1. Divorce is hard, before, after and during, especially when you still love the estranged person and your family. I wish this lady could have talked my wife outta it!!! where were u when i needed u Mabes?  Oh that’s rite u had a little weight problem, etc (i can identify!)


2.  My latest invention (i think my last one was vest-training/cardio resistance which we will get back to) is “UNBLOGGING”. Oh yes and i have the recors to show ive been actively practicing it. If u timed it perfect and visited while im actually blogging and keep bouncing back ud find i add and subtract whole freaking words, sentences, paragraphs, ideas, pix and even BLOGS themselves sumtimes. It usually has sumthing to do with a narrow scope of topics all fairly closely inter-related.

* unfortunately you cant just make a few keystrokes, make the appropriate adjustments and go back to business as usual (ask my ex).  it’d b nice if the world was 4giving, and people afforded one the opportunity to make mistakes without being permanently penalized and supported them the whole way thru, BUT that’s not possible with people, that’s ONLY afforded from God. 

People expect forgiveness, but aren’t will to give it unconditionally.  At least when my comp is not crashed, it will forgive and allow for revision and ultimately IMPROVEMENT!!!!

April 13th, 2008 – ME

depressed (like this guy only not quite as kewl and my girl just left me , she didnt go on a heroin binge!)

fat (LIKE THESE GUYZ, ONLY THEY WERE PRETTY KEWL!) i was about 275-280 POUNDS “Pizza Galore”- In Jail W/O No Bail/Fat Boys

eating and sleeping habits – poor

prayer and spiritual observation – fairly just enuff to get by

tobacco – “I BE SMOKIN” like clarence carter (with no end truly in site)

resentments and blame towards others – VERY HIGH

Where am i now, we’ll talk later, but my Higher Power gave me a chance to UNBLOG my life and I AM CERTAINLY NOT WHERE I WAS. Sumtimes u can erase.

3. my friend Frank’s funeral is today and that plus saying, feeling and doing inappropriate things considering the situation in reference to sum private conversations i had yesterday and the realization that the pain IS NOT completely over kinda depressed me (YEAH KHALIFAHLAND, guess i never directly shared that, im “manic” and i CHOSE not to take meds) and i didn’t want to get up this morning AT ALL. I didnt go to Fajr and I only could force myself outta bed by 6:30 THAT’S THREE hours later than where weve been averaging. (but i didnt share i had a spell saturday also and slept til past 12:30 PM, the longest ive slept since january when i was actively depressed (but note i didnt have work and it was the first weekend i didnt really have anything i HAD 2 do).  That was scary still on sat, because it caught me off guard, I THOUGHT I was happy?  Beast Mode starting Monday, etc. I should be geeked, but not really- actually a little i was a little scared of that to, its just another opportunity to fail at sumthing i really want. I hate FAILING WHEN ITS SUMTHING I REALLY CARE ABOUT. I dont really care too much that i failed in OTHER relationships, jobs, etc. BUT  I HATE THAT I FAILED IN MY MARRIAGE- i really wanted that  That’s why sunday i rode my bike all day to TO AVOID THOSE FEELINGS. Did it work, im not sure.

4. How do u (AND is it RIGHT to) unlove ur ex-wife so u can truly love ur NEXT wife? (why am i blogging this ?????- especially considering they BOTH read this and ONE of them doesnt like this particular subject matter too much, sorry baby, but i gotta vent and this is the only escape/journal mechanism/friend that dont talk back-since no 1 comments, ironically not even my ex or my next wife- GO FREAKING FIGURE that i have access to or am confortable using)

NO IM NOT STUPID ENOUGH TO POST BOTH OF THEIR PIX UNDER THIS. Khalifites do u think im a complete idiot? Don’t answer that.





DAY 3 of OFFICIAL training had a PLUS, i got wind, boy do i got wind.  my reverse psychology to overtrain and compensate until i could get off cigs really did wonders. im around 200 even (least since junior/senior year, but body-mass composition is  WOOOOOOOOO (at least 4 me).  Ive never had this amount of muscle mass! (not that that will help me run, it will help me train and burn fat!  (AND FEEL AND LOOK GOOD).  maybe ill post a pic of me in the upcoming weeks, but ill probably wait til BEAST MODE or Ramadan is over.  im faster now than when i ran marathon. 

6.  Hi Teddy. I was running, almost home and i looked under a tree and saw this little bear?  i liked the little bear, in my children’s story the boy character loosely based on two little boys ( me n mo) and the boyish qualities and ideas (like having a dog in the house) in a certain man (me, mo is untested in that realm, well so am i kinda???)


Hey, i gotta bounce like TIGGER. You know what comes next, right ?










~ by siddiq khalifah on July 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “I AM A MADMAN- Last Post Stays and I XPLAIN being The World’s foremost UNBLOGGER”

  1. you lost 75 pounds? How? I am 280 6’3 and would love to lose 75 pounds

  2. Joker,
    Okay, Ill elaborate more later and read the posts, they tell a lot of helpful info of how i did and how i paln to continue.

    1. PICTURE YOURSELF SMALLER (over n over n over-even when u look n the mirorror imagine it)
    2. Picture yourself actually exercising, one day even got to sleep with that thought.
    3. Write it down
    4. Tell at least 1 peson you know
    5. Tell at least 1 person you dont know
    6. Tell yoourself
    7. ASK God
    8. start slow (with things u like 2 do or at least that u dont hate.
    9. formula: expend more Energy than you Intake (simple-that’s the whoel thing-u can eat like whole goats at one sitting, IF u’re willing to do cardio for like 10 hours and resistance for like 2!)
    10. quick weight loss,1 and 1/2 hours cardio 30 mins resistance/calestetics (pushups, situp, SQUAT THRUST, etc)
    11. only eat carbs slightly before you are gonna workm out or IMMEDIATELY after.
    12. cut as much fat out of your diet as allowable.
    13. eat smaller portions more times a day
    14. do a cheat day, a day where you go way overboard to trick you body to expect that and reprogram itself by speeding up your metabolism
    15. journal your activities/
    16. if its brisk walk 15 minutes and 3 sets of 10 pushups, 10 situps, DO SOMETHING EVERYDAY.
    take that list of stuff you dont like doing and replace 1`/3rd of your work out with that.
    read spiritual guides and pray or meditate.

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