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I talked with that Brother again and that’s my decision. I said certain comments about me would remain visible to you, but mione remove and i kept my word.


The other blog is not affiliated w/ or this one, but you may find reading them both gives you a better insight of the whole enchilada (no im not putting up a pic of an enchilada)



~ by siddiq khalifah on July 16, 2008.


  1. May Allah have mercy on you. You really need it. To put someone on blast like this is disrespectful and disgusting. If you’ve got beef with me, then bring it to me. Don’t put my business out in the street. If it makes you feel better to humiliate me publicly, for whatever reason, I feel very sorry for you. I am the mother of your child! I am the mother of two children and work very hard at staying on the straight path. Can you say the same. I could spend this time sharing with the world all of the terrible horrible things you’ve done to me and others, but I’m not like you. I love Allah and don’t wish to encourage his wrath, one for not giving my brother the benefit of the doubt, two for not wanting for my brother what I want for myself, three for acting in vengence and four for not covering your sister’s sins (if any were committed). I think you need to spend more time concentrating on building your Iman than anything else dear brother.

    This is just dispicable and have not respect for you any longer.

  2. Assalam alaikum brother. You and your ex-wife obviously have some issues but I do not feel that this is helping anything by posting such things here. If you are concerned if you did something wrong, why don’t you ask a knowledgeable scholar to sit down with you and review what you have said and done rather than this, which leaves me with a horrible feeling to see such things .

    I wish you would not post such things but keep your problems to your family and those who can help you such as an imam. This is horrible. I am very dissapointed to see this. Please remove this and all of your posts between you and your ex-wife and family problems.

    Also, that is very unislamic to set up a site with a name like this –

  3. Brother, I responded to your email also and i thank you for coming and giving me advice on this matter after i asked you because i felt so confortable after your other advice concerning name change which was something that was actually eating at me all day, so Allah (SWT) gave me what i needed (will explain that in further detail, PRIVATELY (alhamdullilah)

    But anyway, as i posted on a more recent post i will heed all your words, but i will keeps sister’s post visible because i said i would and that’s her right and choice to say those things whether they are true or not. The other unislamic link is permanently disabled. And i am about to fix the rest. (SHUKRAN).

    Also I did ask both the shaik at the masjid i attend jumah at and the imam at the masjid i attend class and majority of prayer in congregation, other than jumah SEVERAL TIMES and sister and her family would not participate in any meeting or counselling that involved me concerning divorce, reconcile or the child. That is their choice and decison not mine, but i have to accept it. As a sister in the deen of islam and the mother of my child regardless of my ex-wife’s opinion of the statement, I will continue to love her in THOSE MANNERS and simply move on with my life and past this and all other counterproductive situations we shared.

    BY THE WAY. I hope Allah (SWT) provides you with a PEACEFUL Birthday today, Sister Ayana and may Allah bless you and your family.

    Humbly Siddiq

    Additionally, I apologize to the readers, my former webmaster and all other persons concerned for my participation in this and/or anything previously.


  4. Alot of your comments were removed AS ALL OF MINE WERE VOLUNTARILY. That’s just how it needed or I wanted it to be done. You can feel free to comment again, but chances are it wont post on this particular post, i just havent quite figured out what to do with this post, especially since Ive stated the the sisters words get to stay up rehgardless of my opinion concerning her words or their validity.

  5. Dear Bro. Abdullah, I was reflecting on our earlier correspondence and was considering asking you about possibly hyphenating the “Khalifah” to Khalifah-Washington, then I began to consider the fact that though islamically appropriate in reference to it being my father’s last name, in reality as also a member of a dispaced people that SHOULDN’T or isn’t my father’s natural or original name. I am beginning to wonder about the applicabilty of that in this case or in reference to any afro-american revert. Please give me your feedback.

    i found this on-line after I posted, i guess I got my answer, or at least an answer.
    Legacy of Slavery

    In fact, those of African descent often erase even their family names on the basis that these names are remnants from the days of slavery. That is, those of their ancestors who were slaves usually adopted the family name of their slave masters and it was the slave masters’ name which was handed down from generations to generation. Hence, an individual who may have been called Clive Baron Williams while his father’s name was George Herbert Williams may, upon entering Islamic, rename himself Faisal Umar Nkruma Mahdi. However, his name according to the Islamic naming system should have been Faisal George Williams, that is, Faisal the son of George Williams. Whether “Williams” was the name of his ancestors plantation owner or not is not of any consequence. Since his father’s name was George Williams, he is, according to the Islamic naming system, the son of George Williams. That much of his father’s name is necessary to determine who his relatives are in order to avoid incestuous marriages, discharge inheritance rights and fulfill general responsibilities to blood relations.

    this came off


    (ANOTHER ADENDUM) huh. go fugure.

    Bro. I’m what you call hard-headded or too analytical, if so, then why do SO MANY afro-american reverts have full arabic names legally or in actual usage? Granted many of them began their islamic search in the Nation of Islam, which teaches to give up your so-called “slave name” as proudly I began in as well, but I still can’t in total get past the fact that islamically you are trying to preserve something that has already been changed or altered. It seems that in reality the only true answer would be to trace my name back to it’s original name if possible (hopefully it was islamic) and use that. Furthermore why would so many muslims on the continent of Africa and even in Pakistan, etc. use full arabic names or at least last names when those could not have possibly been their original names by cultural origin either?

  6. assalam alaikum brother 🙂 thank you for following up with what i requested, regarding your question, i will humbly say Allah knows best. Talk to someone who is qualified in the deen, and they will give you an answer. For me, as I don’t know even the A-B-Cs of fiqh your case I cannot answer other than to say to ask a sheikh

  7. Shukran and Allahu Akbar, “meeting” you this week has been truly a gift from Allah (SWT). Many of the things you have shared haven’t neccessarily been new ideas, but your presentation, ie. delivery of info has been quite palatable and I feel unbiased.


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