I See u guys are up BRITE and Early This Morn. Is he really…?

The morning stats for today are higher than the usual complete daily totals, GO FIGURE and wait til John post the ANNOUNCEMENT! Well why dont you people pass the link and start commenting.If you comment, thenit makes it our blog instead of me talking to myself (which i dont need a blog, computer or project to do- im quite able on my on accord!)

HEY i got to lead morning prayer again today. WOW. Im a complete nut and a studying muslim (not high and migthy and scholarly), so leading TWO prayers a day in any capacity is, well humbling and far more rewarding than anything material or relationship wise that i can or have achieved otherwise. That is a complete paradigmshift for me. But i guess u grow up? (unless u are peter pan or michael jackson)



How did we do yesterday?

calories based on amount of cardio and resitance – a little high (guesstimate 2000-2500) but i quit smoking to so i got 2 transition the next or remainder of 72 hours.

cardio – a little light but … thats not total focus and i did do 80 miles on a broken bike the day before (and ZERO RUNNING – bike lower impact to further rehab toe and a change of pace for a SHORT period)

resistance – lite (need to dub today to make up?)

form (running) – not at all

wind – YES/ woking on SPRINTS during bike rides (plus no smokes = more wind IMMEDIATELY)

leg strength – YES (doing “burns” on bike and will probably do resistance this week to further improve)

back, hamstrings and calves – THE MOST IGNORED parts of most runners and athletes programs.  NEED TO DO SOME SPECIFIC TRAINING HERE THIS WEEK

also may start solo yoga once or twice a week (im not much for groups except prayer and that was an acquired taste)


those are the main first 72 hour goals of BEAST MODE, Im certain this achieved and maintained, EVERYTHING else falls in place.

Again remember all the disclaimers here.  1. im a nut, 2.  though certified as a personal training, i kinda go for my own thing, 3 my running expertise primarily are- run as much as u can and ull be better, THATS IT. 4. My diet rules are outrun what u eat, cut fats and use carbs primarily 4 energy to workout. 5. AND EVERYTHING ELSE IS EVEN KRAZIER. (OH and for about the past 2 years i claim to be a superhero, typically superman and say things like “oh life’s been tuf since i got divorced and lost my job at the daily planet”, “its not a costume, it a uniform”, “i hate they took all the payphones outta downtown, it makes changing into my work clothes (uniform) that much more of a challenge, but at least i dont have to worry about traffic (i can fly). Do u now understand the serious nature of what im battlin here ????????????????????????????????  I sumtimes @ work even unbutton my dress shirt and have a superman shirt up under it.  HMMMMMM havent done that in a while, maybe…


QUITE POSSIBLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

But jokes aside, i as most human beings, at least the humble ones, know that im am nothing, God is everything, i am no superman nor am i anything really good at all, im insignificant, BUT in comparison or in relationship to the creator of the HEAVENS AND THE UNIVERSE…ILL TAKE IT!

hey i gotta get ready 4 sumthing.

oh yeah, “up, up and away”




OH, I almost 4got, a shout out to my very special friend/coworker “EESHAH” HAAAAAAA.  Actually “Aiesha”, but… this is Khalifahland (sum may say “Khalifah’s Land”-HA again. but i aint running anything- least i didnt use a double negative and go out completely EBONIC!-actually WEBMASTER JOHN HOLDS THE KEYS-since im in utter darkness without him).

Anyway (keeping along the lines as one of the same themes from above)… HERE’S A REPRESENTATION OF AISHA (are these images rated “G” im not so sure???”, she’s kinda little-like a pixie (plus i liked the cartoon star and cresent in the back!


~ by siddiq khalifah on July 15, 2008.

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