I dont listen to STEVE ARRINGTON

Steve had a very popular hit, which i actually liked alot BACK N THE DAY (hey, im an old man Khalifahland, a SIXTIES BABY), called “Weak in the Knees”.This morning @ 3:30 AM then spagetti-leg boy got out of bed, THREE THINGS hit like in the words of one of my faves of all-time former Genesis front-man and super star solo artrist Peter Gabriel said a SLEDGEHAMMER.

1. Im too sore to do anything

2. Im too tired to do anything, including going to Fajr-morning prayer (its about 2.5 miles from my house, i’ll “mapquest it”- you know thats the new “GOOGLE it!”- i was a google addict @ 1 point in my life, i used to even google myself every few days-can u say idiot).

3. I wanna a cigarette

4. Get rest so you can search all of Khalifahland and find your misplaced bluetooth headset (which u dont use and u HATE- but i dont like wasting things i pay 4- (i dont have much materially) or losing and misplacing things- i do it all the time)


“Don’t respect the man, respect the POST” – Mininster Roland Muhammad, in reference to me becoming a person of “rank” (lieutenant when i was an early student in the Nation of Islam)

What’s that all mean?

In reality im not a beast, im not even an athlete. im just a guy trying to get in better shape and trying to help people to do my duty as a muslim and a human to please God (SWT). so beast motivation is not alwayz going to work as a macho/pseudo motivation, but having respect for the task at hand and the concept of intensified LIFE training WILL.

So i quickly decided if NOTHING ELSE, YOU WILL MAKE FAJR PRAYER AND NOT SMOKE. PERIOD. Allahu Akbar (God is the GREATEST). Anything else is a bonus, you can run a marathon NOW, you’re in far better shape than you’ve ever been, flem filled lungs or not- you just wont do your BEST and it will be slightly uncormfortable, so physical training is NOT the emphasis and during the month of RAMADAN, it will be in and of itself reduced to the point of barely existent- just enough to maintain- that’s why im trying to get ahead NOW.

So i fixed a mini bowl of fake cheerios first, i think a save-a-lot product called just “O’s” or something- to finish off the box (ive ran out of all the cereals i like- tuesdays PAYDAY! small one, but in the words of my stepson “HOO-RAY!!!”) Then i decided to have half of mini-bowl of the REAL CHEERIOS  (not the honey nut- i like, the plain, but its the only cereal i have left, not even oatmeal, DARN IT !”, when i was fixing a cup of coffee AND “MY LIFE, MY LIFE, MY LIFE” (mary j. – tell me u got that before i said it-PLEASE) started again, i figured out some 30 miles back YESTERDAY i got lighter (i was so tired i probably subconsciously but it out of my mind) WHEN I MISPLACED MY SHOLUDER BAG (okay, it looks a little between a strapped briefcase or satchel and a purse-BUT I aint on no more feminine JOKES- its not a “man-purse”- HA).  More than likely i left it at the hospital when i visited the brother or at an automechanic shop near metro health, when i was trying to bend my bike rim back (smash it with a hammer) and fix my seat- I PRAY.

So what did i learn. 

1. Well my dire need to find the bluetooth lessened considerably.  The bag contents are much more impotant to me (retail similar, but the bag has personal and islamic study materials which IM ENJOYING and need). 

2.  I discovered this just before i was supposed to reluctantly ride my bike to Fajr and kinda wanted to at least start calling around to the hospital, etc. BUT DIDN’T, i went and made prayer FIRST instead, even 4got my coffee, actually still haven’t had a cup.

THEN, ALLAH (SWT) sent me a direct message (its kinda like a text, u get it instantaneously IF YOU ARE IN THE APPROPRIATE COVERAGE AREA, but u dont need a phone or a plan-like the one with CHAD from Alltel). 

I was ASKED TO LEAD THE MORNING PRAYER, my first EVER in congregation and the MOST important of the day.  Allahu Akbar.

Though i am still hopeful i find my “things” (if Allah Wills it, it will happen and minus my human negligence, if He doesn’t then there is a reason HE wishes me not to have those things as all other things that my right hand once possessed that it no longer does)

I would trade the contents of the bag and the bluetooth etc (remember two separate losses by yours truly-ME- not the Restaurant) MANY TIMES OVER for that honor of leading Fajr Salat (morning prayer) to PLEASE ALLAH-GOD (SWT).

im pretty sore, but i rode at least and i will at least partially back to w 25th/work, to loosen up- u can only loosen soreness by working the same muscles, the same way ie. that means i got to ride the bike in pain to reduce the pain- running won’t really help too much- different process.  Then i’ll take a lite run or ride at lunch (Inshallah- God be Willing) if im not too far behind at work cuz i gotta got back to the west side this morning and i’ll be late. 


well, im bout get more cheerios (real ones, not “O’s”- how could u just call them O’s?-obviously they are not very cheery) and knock down 1/30th of THE BOOK (read one “juz” of the Holy Qu’ran) before i get back to ME again and do a real short resistance (weights).

Salaam (and dont lose stuff and be a complete nimrod like I!)

The BIKE TRIP PIX will be continued later (maybe ill include “Looking for stuff you lost on the bike trip pix” as well ?).


~ by siddiq khalifah on July 14, 2008.

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