One of the trick bikers is checking my bike for idiot owner syndrome

Well, im a little tired, but im well rested for the day, no smoking, and no patch either (interesting story), only bike cardio about 30-40 miles, but MOSTLY INTENSE MILES (i mean like racing cars: NO I MEAN LIKE BEATING CARS!- u go boy!)

the complete focus of the next 30 days i think is pretty well organically set.

actually what in planned for BEAST MODE originally will be more like the two week period between Beast Mode and Ramadan, i’ll goal 125 miles a week running those two weeks, plus resistance average 1nce a day, twice if im a complete loon (hmmm, TWICE) and several other measurable tasks.  Then Ramadan which will be spiritually focused, but still working out as hard as possible in conjunction with the fast (no food or liquids of ANY kind from pre-sun up to sun down for 30 days).


responsible eating (so far) cheerios, veggies, tuna, milk, (with cereal) coffee (lots- fake sugar and lite cream), some limited chex type mix mixed with an actual healthy mix of nuts, etc, some pistacios from the mosque, then three delicious eggs in an omlette w/lotsa veggies (onion, cucumbers, green peppers, mushrooms!) and tow peices of processed cheese (much cheaper and alot less fat) and some white bread (BOOOOOOOOOO- but it was all i had- it was actually in the freezer) and some pizza, in oven RITE NOW ( but its white bread – Booo again, BUT I MADE IT MYSELF, Oh yall didnt know out there in “Khalifahland” that Siddiq could burn, huh ?).  Im still hungry im gonna extra this in a minute.


Thanks for reading and making this the busiest blog days, still no comments, BUT …

Thanks to the nice trick bikers that helped me jimmy-rig my bike yesterday and found and was responsible for my “man purse” until today and were kind enough to jump thru hoops to look me up so i could get my stuff.  Its funny, i came home and immediately put them up on my blog, even though they didn’t really care 1 way or another, BECAUSE i said i would (my muslim name stands for sincere, honest and truthful- therefore i try my best not to say things just to hear myself), i appreciated them helping me and i liked them.  THEN GO figure the very next day these same individuals that i tried to show appreciation for further (like business as usual looked out)

Remember THESE GUYS??????

I certainly do.

They really came through like real people SHOULD and responded to respect with respect, you would be surprised at what seemingly alright or so-called together individuals DO NOT EVEN HAVE THIS CAPACITY or simply are not righteous MINDED enuff to realize using it is not an option if you are a believer.  If someone does something nice to or for you, you say THANK YOU.  Anyone that cant show this level of mutual repspect is not only disrespecting themselves, their family etc. but ultimately THEIR GOD. PERIOD.

SO I GREATLY APPRECIATE THESE STRANGERS reminding me of the Almighty’s intent, desire and SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS IN ALL THREE BOOKS (Torah, Gospel, Qu’ran).

THE REST OF THE TOUR PIX WILL BE LATER OR TOMMMOROW, im taking a breather, you know marthoners know how to pace.  Oh and remember, i may be slow, fat, less than pee wee herman, divorced, broke, slow minded, unfunny, obnoxious, loud, annoying and the rest of the negative ajectives/adverbs, BUT I AM A MARATHONER, i completed towpath oct of 2006 before my relative END OF THE WORLD (which ironically was nothing but a series of normal days and normal chain of events and should have been dealt with accordingly), 

ARE YOU? HUH? ARE YOU? HAVE YOU RAN 26.2 miles straight?

No, i didnt think you had.





~ by siddiq khalifah on July 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “BEAST MODE DAY 1 is MY BUSIEST BLOG DAY EVER !!!!!!”

  1. Dang dude, you are beasting on this blog. Good job keeping it all updated with interesting content. I’m updating your web site the next couple days. inshallah it will be lookin nice…

    Fortified with essential vitamin and mineral
    Use the sky for a blanket, stuffin clouds inside my pillow
    Rollin with the lands, the tribe’s a hundred and forty four thousand chosen
    Protons electrons always cause explosions

    just thought i’d add some rza

    as-salaamu alaykum wa ramatullah wa barakatuhu

  2. ANYTHING WU-TANG, i like. For those (can i call you “Khalifites”? -completely LMBO)who aren’t familiar with “hip-hop” etc. WU-Tang is a group of semi-minimilistic, “gutter”, but conscious pseudo and 5% islamic rappers, WHO I KINDA LIKE (alot).

    Thanks John.

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