3:30 AM went to morning prayer on bike and rode bike home

5:00 AM napped

10:30 AM got up went to a meeting on bike then mosque (where a former imam-when prompetd by me asking said his interpretation was that earrings were haram-not permissible in islam but said that was his interpretation, i’ll research more, but in the meantime better safe than sorry ive done enuff to displease Allah (SWT) already im looking credit, not debit so, on my own i took em out- no one that matters said anything. though a brother that’s my arabic tutor that seems to be pretty condesenting towards me since i wouldn’t agree w/his dispose-a-wife theory- or being vengeful when the opportunity presents itself towards a former spouse; ie. one that left )

1:30 PM after noon prayer @ mosque went on bike to visit a muslim brother who got shot working at his store. i hit a pothole and spent a long long time fixing the bike (then i crossed the bridge and took this really kewl pic so ud believe me). i even rode the broke bike to a west side bike shop sort of near the west side market and st ignatius, it was so bad, but they gave me sum muble jumble about 2 weeks- during BEAST MODE- yeah right, id kick pedal the bike like a scooter before that happened. 


i finally got to the hospital (it was kinda weird because i didn’t think i knew the brother at all, but actually when i saw him i had seen his face several times! btw he’s in pretty bad shape, his son, i believe said his stomach is wide opened- you could kinda tell and he couldn’t talk, barely and audible whisper, i didnt stay long) 

then i met a pigeon- watched my bike for me. while i was in the hospital, he probably didn’t know how messed up it was to begin with!

so i went back across the bridge

then broke bike and all i decided i wanted to see downtown and then the lake before i intended to board the train or bus to take my broken bike home.

then im met some trick bikers who helped me salvage the bike enough to ride then i explored the pier.  i told em id put em on my blog, so here it is fellas: put up a comment if u visit!

i explored the pier and there were skateboarders


4 wheelers

jet skiers (boats and other stuff too, but we’ll have to continue)  note his vest lightens HIM, my vest WEIGHS ME DOWN. you go boy (though based on funcction i dont think switching would help either of us, especially HIM! HA.)

then i explored the shoreline and met a pretty KEWL muslim brother

and this lady who knows how to enjoy the lake and FREE STUFF (i lived n commercialized venice/santa monica california and they were NOT doing it like this lady on the shoreline/beach)

oh you thought i was playing (this is HER grill)

then i rode down east blvd up past VA and up stokes

then my legs felt like spagetti trying to get up that hill after already doing nearly if not over 50 miles on the bike.

when i got up to where east blvd turn (into 116th) instead of continuing up by where i used to live and cutting over at shaker square. I WENT OUT LIKE A STRAIGHT SUCKA.  I cut all the way across to union and back up to kinsman and down 154 and eventually up invermere. 

i can barely walk.  no resistance today.


i mapquested at about 70 to 80 miles on bike for the day, im sure a  PERSONAL BEST (for my entire life).  i am terribly sore already.


Oh silly me and with BEAST MODE begining in a few short hours ?????

THERE ARE LOTS MORE PIX FROM SIDDIQ’S BIG ADVENTURE (that peewee herman has nothing on me- well maybe dress… and perhaps hairstyle is arguable… i guess he catapulted alot of stars too and had his own dance- my life BITES- when you’re not doing as well as peewee somethings wrong. SMILE.


come back for more pix and the actual storylines.

nice start to Beast Mode

actually it already began 3 of the biggest things are having fun making prayer (especially fajr-morning prayer at the mosque) and helping people (i dont know if my visit helped that brother, but he seemed happy.  he seemed happier NOT to know me. And it seemd to ease his son (?-the reason i dont know if he’s his son is because i didnt want to intrude or approach the visit like a meet n greet or impose any of my frivolous comments or opinions into a situation like that- al hamdulillah/ all praises due to God- but he did look remarkably similar, just younger).




~ by siddiq khalifah on July 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “TOUR DE KHALIFAHLAND @ 75 miles of FUN- WITH PICTURE TOUR”

  1. alhamdullah. Great blog post. This was quite a tour. Good luck in beast mode.

  2. Thanks (Shukran). It’s really a misnomer and i kinda like that. It’s really designed to sooth and nurture the savage beast. Discipline, deprivation, organization, focus etc are the main goals as the PLEASE ALLAH (SWT)- that is the first (if not ONLY) goal. But initially it was gonna be about more. more running, more lifting, more this, more that. Actually Allah(SWT)showed me that maximizing what im doing physically (increased speeds, better tactics, etc)and combining that with really focusing on the enrichment from increased spiritual, religous and occupational or task performances i can actually DO LESS DURING BEAST MODE than normal AND GET MORE.

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