Wascally Wabbit

there are alot of things i dont tell… well that im ashamed to admit 2 all yall good folks out there in Khalifahland.Here’s 1 of them. 4 nearly two weeks ive been chasing this lil bunny that lives in my backyard. I even observed the bunny playing w/the neighbors dog (the dog that laughed @ me) when i fell off my bike ). Well i finally snuck up on him or her and gotta a snapshot. Ill never catch that bunny im sure. Its very fast and smarter than me, but i at least caught it slipping enuff 2 snap this. HAAAAAA Mr. Bunny!

yes this is my actual life and what im doing now. but off on the bike (vested of course) to walmart.  Unfortunately i outlasted my burden, “Fitnah”, THE VEST has seen its lasts few workouts with me.  He just couldn’t handle all the pressure i was putting on him. But THE VEST 2 will be ready and prepped and how convienient, you know with BEAST MODE-30 straight days of me having FUN, TORTURING MYSELF scheduled to begin MONDAY. u go BOY!


And u brothers on sunniforum better stop calling me a faggot or theres gonna be sum problems (no jokes aside thank you for the advice, again i asked for islamic justification, not personal so sum1 come up with something i can cross reference w/text. shukran)



~ by siddiq khalifah on July 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Wascally Wabbit”

  1. Hey Siddiq!

    I like bunnies too!



  2. Im so very pleased to hear that! No seriously, how did you come by this site or blog ??? I gotta know? Appreciate the comments, but how about writing about something from the blog or evn a topic you pick!



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