Slow Motion for Me-Juvenile PLUS EXTRA

Well that may be good for Juvy, but Im not so sure I like it like that! Im kinda ADD and in need of constant motion. But not just moving, KNOWING that the motion is towards positve objectives. Ive been really busy, but haven’t been able to physically see some of the results, so i need to be faithful and confident that God be Willing I will and ideally my will wont be too far away from HIS WILL. Work-SLOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW. Working out-Aiiiiittttte-Dougie Fresh. Studies and deen-FAIR. But i need to buckle down and better manage my time and thoughts and efforts. Im gonna be short today. I mite get back on later. Bike Update, still in repair, comp update, repaired, but not retrieved. ME update- always under construction!

BEAST MODE wihich begins MONDAY will be taking a slighty different direction than i had planned, may discuss later.  but focus will be considerably less on athletic achievements and a lot more focused on other areas.  ALLAU AKBAR.

Again, please keep the family of my deceased friend Frank in all your prayers.


I still cant believe that dog laughed at me when i felll off my bike.


u know i was thinking, the reference point of my description of defining the past two days as ruff and implying or feeling that that was a negative.  when i rethought that, actually it hasnt been ruff, its been life, and life as Allah(SWT) sees fit for me at this moment (Alhamdullilah), minus a few things i could have done a little differently, i did pretty much my best and thats all i or anyone else can expect.  That falls into the category of the limited choice that i have as a human being.  therefore, it hasnt been all that ruff.  as a matter of factly I ACTUALLY the past two days have had one of the (small, but) greatest experiences of my life and additionally, preparation (Inshallah-God be Willing, my future life).  I now lead the noon (Dhur) prayer amongst the muslims that work in my building.  It is AN HONOR.  I am thankful.  I only led prayer amonst my 2 yr old step son, my ex wives (yeah, there’s been more than one to run away from me 🙂 but one was considerably more painful than the other) once or twice and a couple other times kinda spontaneously, but this time i was asked and in advance.



~ by siddiq khalifah on July 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Slow Motion for Me-Juvenile PLUS EXTRA”

  1. Thanks !

  2. Nope. Thank YOU. actually it was a GREAT reminder for ME to reread that particular post even though I wrote it. Monday for all intensive purposes will begin full-blown training (im behind where i planned 2 b), a new month at work (im in sales-commission) and a true admiration and acceptance of my legal and spiritual role with my daughter’s family (which legally can be financial ONLY). I’m going to actually give an update on this post tomorrow. And though short, I really appreciate your comment, nearly 200-250 people a day are now visiting these two blogs (see BEAST BLOG if you get a chance, its more of a personal novelty and vent tool- i doubt you’ll THANK me for my rflections there, but ther are still MY REFLECTIONS.


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