Why Enjoying People You Care About is Important

Yesterday I found out a brother who brought me great confort and was a person i could lean on in times of trouble that just kinda popped up outta nowhere passed away.Frank was very humble and hard working, he got along with everyone and was kind and considerate.His smile lit up a room no matter what troubles he was going through financial, relationship or health. Last year when my world was crashing (i had a wife, stepson, nice truck, fat- but my health), contact w/my parents, a job (and a PT), a place 2 live etc., this man was going trough life extending kemotherapy and you would have thought he was the one with nearly everything going in his favor and i the one dying. His point of reference, acceptance of God’s Will and unique optimism were remarkable. I hope his family’s burden is lightened. I also cannot rewind time, but i really wish i had spent more time to get to know this very special brother more and had taken myself, my goals and my family at the time out of my only focus. Time is finite. Life on this earth is as well. I now realize what the important things are and maintaining and strengthening relationships with people who are important to you is something you cannot replace. A muslim brother told me when i was crying over the loss of my wife, at least she is not dead (he lost his wife of several years last year) and you can always (or evnentually at least be friends w/her or at least know she is alive and doing well). I didn’t neccessarily agree w/that brother then, but i see the wisdom in his words now.

Salaam Bro Frank.

Siddiq or “Lindsey” as he knew me.



fell off bike twice n 24 hrs.

n front of everyone at work (trying 2 ride over the railroad tracks) and they were amused.

n front of my next door neighbors dog (trying 2 go up the handicap accessible ramp in back of my house) and he was VERY amused (ever seen a dog laugh out loud?).

yesterday and start of 2day RUFF. But Im alive to continue my trials (burden) and that is a blessing. Allahu Akbar.

That’s it 4 today. Im pretty busy.

See ya (peace)

i try not 2 comlaine because it is showing a lack of humility towards the things that Allah-God (SWT) has given you that you don’t really deserve or could never earn in and of yourself to begin with. BUT. you know what, i was about 2 give u 2days laundry list of “catastropy’s” since 4 AM. Remember yesterday was already-RUFF at best estimate, but I won’t and will just be thankful for what i have instead.


~ by siddiq khalifah on July 9, 2008.

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