Up Early in the Morning-Ice Cube

Well Im still an idiot, but eventually figured out how to get imput device on tv remote to toggle so i could play Playstation3! Unfortunately then I was too tired to play! Mom didn’t have time to look @ computer yet, but ill probably have to end up installing an earlier version of windows like Fred and Barney prehistoric because that’s all she has. Got up around 3:30 “bismillahed” (gave praises to The Higher Power), made some coffee and made Fajr-morning prayer around 3:58. Then I packed up work clothes, lunch (tuna and salad) and post workout carb renew (dry oatmeal crunch cereal-mmm, yummy), STRAPPED ON THE VEST and rode from my house downtown. Then I used the locker room at my old job to store my bike and huge back pack (it probably weighed as much as the vest, so i must have carried like an extra 40 lbs of weight when i rode in total-but ALOT of it was downhill, still…) THEN i ran for an hour and a half or so VESTED of course, around Cleveland State and then the pier, then around the Cleveland Browns Stadium-Go Browns (and i was chasing this little bunny who led me to his mother and their den-then they ran somewhere else- i got a pic of the bunny on my cell, but the bunny was so fast its probably just a blur), then behind Tower City, pass the Q and the Prog-Go Cavs. Go Indians, then back up to the bldg. I had fun and it was fun, but strange seeing my old lockers and their contents after over a year. It was a whole different life. I almost wished i could simply walk back upstairs to my old job and my old life, but Allah (SWT) has different plans for me and blessed me with a new job and new relationships and a new life, so that is impossible, but still you think “wouldn’t it be nice?” Then I had to wear THE VEST and back pack with my dress clothes and sneakers (i already have dress shoes stored there) to work because I couldn’t leave THE VEST in the locker room because ill need it probably as soon as lunchtime and i probably wont be using that locker room anymore except to clear my two lockers because i misplaced the key and i cant be issued another one since i no longer work in the bldg, even though i have permission to use the locker room-oh well. Maybe ill get a month 2 month at the gym i used 2 personal train people at dntwn mostly to use the locker room at least through marathon one (oops im slippin). I kinda wish i had time to take on a few clients as a personal trainer beacause then its free and i get a  little something something on the side, but i dont even have time for what im doing rite now and monday starts BEAST MODE.  THIRTY DAYS OF INTENSE TRAINING, DISCIPLINE, SACRIFICE and alot more that i cant disclose. But this is make or break. I come out of this ready for two week meltdown before Ramadan ready to go with a post Ramadan two week ramp up then lite taper (that’s when you gradually reduce your workout program all the way down to ZERO before a marathon, but mine will look more like a cliff- a sudden drop because i will HAVE TO REGROUP AFTER RAMADAN in a hurry, then run the race.

Well its time 4 work. will ride @ lunch then probably do lite ride, run and resistance this evening, study (arabic class tommorow and i and another brother are supposed to possibly test) and maybe a little Playstation3 time permitting?

Peace and blessings to you all.

PLEASE COMMENT, it boosts the blog in the search engines. Thank you. If ur scared make up a name.


~ by siddiq khalifah on July 8, 2008.

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