Yesterday I crashed my computer and can’t even boot trying to install pix of my daughter, then i attempted to hook up playstation 3 to my tv for hours, unsuccessfully. Then i took old printer back, but couldn’t install new printer since i crashed the system. Then i lost a couple of accounts at work-that’s the norm though just adding proof of my idiotic existence. And the memory foam on my bike seat remembers my butt and is very nice feeling, but it doesn’t remember to stop my behind from getting sore. Maybe i will break it in (my behind that is, the foams allset). Got up late, but did ride partial to work and at lunch time (which was fun, i used to run @ my old job, but i did have a longer lunch break. but it was KEWL just the same and broke up the monotony of my day). Ill ride at least partial if not all the way home, reattempt to hook up playstation, and see if my mommy fixed my computer, then ill run or ride to at least one prayer! No guarantees ill see y’all out in Khalifahland anymore today though. Countdown to Beast mode SIX DAYS. This is going to be H-E–Double hockey sticks, but u got 2 push urself to ur potential in all areas of life (Inshallah-that’s God be willing 4 u infidels that forgot-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Peace and Blessings

Siddiq (Son of Lindsey Washington, Muhammad’s proud step dad and Zahrah’s VERY proud father)



I get ready to ride home like the SuperHero I am and I ALREADY GOT A FLAT.  OH MY, fortunately, i got a ride and “EASY RIDER” on 131st between Harvard and Union who made the repairs, FIXED IT FOR FREE!!!!! Thanks Fellas.

Well I added pix on two previous blogs (im experiencing trouble doing it @ hm even WHEN my computer isn’t crashed-Go Figure).

BUT, with great humility i THANK Allah (SWT) for the Good and the not so good!!!!!  And only seek recompense for my actions good or bad from HIM.  We will talk more about that topic later. (God be willing)

Allahu Akbar.



~ by siddiq khalifah on July 7, 2008.

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