Get Ready Cuz Here I Come!-4 Tops

Well me and Fitnah, you know THE VEST ran about 15-16 miles last nite. That’s pretty reassuring, considering i made up 4 missing my morning run, and completed my LONGEST single run in probably nearly 2 years WITH A 20 POUND UNFORGIVING VEST. The scale whispered my new weight and all i have to say is Da.. (oops, i 4got i don’t cuss), but DANNNNNGGGGG!!! Gee Golly just ain’t apporpriate here. Well im in the middle of a short 7 mile midday warm-up run (YOU GO BOY). Im blogging@the Hudson library, listening to Biz Markie, “Picking Bugers”, in THE VEST, chillin. Holla.




~ by siddiq khalifah on June 28, 2008.

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