Yeah Boy! -Flava Flav (coincidentally as i just wrote that Public Enemys Rebel w/o a Pause started playing on my MP3. Awsome!

It’s 1 AM.In make up mode i just ran about 10-11 miles (vested of course-HA). Unfortunately, due to my laziness, i gotta get rite back up and not only run but do resitance, im too tired now.maybe ill have some cahunas and go do the stairs@the back of Shaker Hts HS (my alma mater and former football/track field)-maybe not. Those stairs are ROUGH. well, just trying to make up 4 neglecting those faithful readers out in Khalifahland! but tommorow is gonna be BUSY. so, im out.

PEACEsometimes out of temporary death comes life



~ by siddiq khalifah on June 27, 2008.

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