Hurray. Passport Received!

Well i pretty much took yesterday off from running and resistance. That 11 miles in the vest tues probably required a bit of recovery. I noticed the blog stats went back up a tad, but…Anyway, i have been so busy i haven’t been able to make daily blogs this week, but i’ll make it and im sure the handful of readers will too. After the Huge Announcement is actually announced and builds up momentum, I expect the stats to increase substantially, as will our work load. We could use help from volunteers.

The Huge Announcement is on an International level and “all i’ve got to say about that” (forest gump). The receipt of my passport today makes that, haj and several other plans possible. God is GREAT. There’s alot going on right now, so im gonna keep it short, maybe i will blog later or during the course of the evening.

Shout outs to my homegirl from college (a pretty kewl sister and mom), Gayle Chambers for putting me up on some organic supplements and a network marketing opportunity with them. Gayle, with her beautiful children in tow made aspecial trip not to SELL me her stuff, cuz i already told her id buy sum, but to make sure i was aware of the marketing oppt and most importantly the QUALITY of her stuff AFTER the sale and shared her beautiful family with me last night for a while. And if you’re reading this Gayle, repair that situation with your sister, Sister Shima! (Yeah I said it) and If Sis Shima ever reads this, follow hadith and stop playing. HA (Remember what YOU told ME!).

Its raining, so i may try and take another partial off day and do resistance and not run, BUT even on the partial off/recovery days ive been power walking 3-4 miles. That’s right. Oh and i orderd a stupid quit smoking kit. I don’t really approve on relying on things outside of direct observation of the disciplines associated with faith, but, i need to move on and take this as a lesson.  Actually my intention is to quit TONITE and not wait on the kit, we’ll see how that goes.  But bottomline is this. I can physically run a marathon NOW. Just slower and more painfully than I would want to. When i get this smoking thing wrapped up and my time management reconfigured and Inshallah (God be willing) a little help and support, especially as the Huge Announcement takes shape (right now only John, my parents and Imam Abass have been made privvy to my intent, I will enter a next phase. 


It’s about to get ugly. Or as Stuart of Mad TV says “Look what I can do”. Of course in my case what God (SWT) wills me to do.

It was real.




~ by siddiq khalifah on June 26, 2008.

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