R U Still Down? -Tupac Shakur (BTW Im a B.I.G fanatic. u know BIGGIE!BIGGIE!)

Well are you? Ive heard alot of people over time TALKING about making efforts to helps others and volunteering and making charity, blah, blah, blah.But in all actuality action speaks louder than words. Still no real comments, donations, etc. just pats on the back. Well i got news 4 ya. I dont like OR NEED pats on the back and neither do these children. They need money 4 education. And if u can’t rite now that’s fine, u could at least comment on the darn blog so it generates more hits and refers people to the site so THEY can donate or at least be aware of what we’re trying to accomplish. Pretty simple. I ran about 10-11 miles tonite and did resistance. My bad, ME AND “Fitnah” (The Vest) ran 10-11 miles tonite. At work i sold 31 lines (about $3000 in commision), only to find out the customers were already using our services, just the computer didn’t show it. Go figure. Am i mad, nope, frustrated, nope, pissed off , nada. Such is life, i will wake up in the morning, thank God for another day and do the BEST possible job for that day and forget yesterday. Capeesh?

Peace. i got training and studying in the mornin and y’all aint been visiting or commenting so im really talking to Allah, myself and the Vest. And one of them doesn’t even answer back. Do the math.

i heard my daughter has braids, that’s funny. she already has earrings! pretty soon she’ll have more goin on than me, if she doesn’t already!

See ya. 


~ by siddiq khalifah on June 25, 2008.

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