I Feel Good-James Brown

Well all told, I actually feel great (Allahu Akbar- God is the GREATEST!). Last week was challenging. But i stepped up to the plate on all matters where i should and had decent results (by God’s grace-not my own merit). work! exercise! mosque! class! family! relationships/friendships! KEWL.

i was running with my new light just now and a little fatigued (did over a half marathon today total in 2 combined runs IN THE VEST AT NEAR NORMAL SPEED- you. go. boy. HA. Like the Joker as portrayed by Jack Nicholson said “wait til they get a load of me”. and people kept stopping me asking about the vest and the lights and complimenting me, even got a double thumbs up from 2 sisters! 

u know it SHOULD only be my intention to please Allah, and it is to the best of my ability and excluding a very small number of people i share my innermost thoughts and a small number of people i used to share my innermost thoughts with my efforts go unnoticed and unsupported. (i guess that almost includes you readers, too as people i share my thoughts with (though i hold some things back due to the public nature of the site and the nature of the project itself). but regardless it really does feel good when someone shows you support like that, ESPECIALLY when it doesn’t seem to come from people you know or would expect to be behind you or a project that is to help children or others in need?

AND IM really starting to get fed up with no comments. most of u visitors are my relatives, friends, fellow muslims etc. there is no cost to COMMENTING and it only in some way goes towards someone trying to help children. If u were invited to look @ the site or blog u must be a believer of sum kind therefore, IT STRIKES ME AS ODD that you are all so reluctant to do something so small THATS FREE for a cause so big, HELPING CHILDREN ????????????????????? YET NEARLY ALL of you MOUTH profess that assisting children are a priority to you.

i still feel good.

actually great. im doing my job that is all i can do.


~ by siddiq khalifah on June 23, 2008.

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