Well it was a pretty good friday.i didn’t run at all YET(God be willing-later, but im tired-busy week). But i worked hard and productively. Represented me and the Oneness of my Higher Power appropriately to the best of my limitations. Enjoyed mosque, actually wore a thobe (islamic male garb-ive been previously quoted as referring to it as a dress-but remember im just a developing idiot!) for the first time. TOTALLY was successful @ work! I was a beast! But that was due to Allah’s grace and my hard work in his name simply humbly doing my VERY repetitive job.

I told the first person in the world about the HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT and He (my brother in faith and cool webmaster, John) seemed almost as excited as me. And u and (God be willing) the rest of the world will be too. It’s Huge. I mean it’s really big. Don’t all start wanting to comment and dialog once u see it. I’ll keep it short, i actually got a busier weekend ahead of me than i did week. And i was so busy this week it was humbling and tiring, but still striving to serve and serving to strive. 

Special Thanks to Louie (a co-worker) who showed me that regardless of arguement or word, NO MATTER WHAT the situation, when one simple accepts his or her responsibility and apologizes, BOTH PARTIES are not only able to move on, BUT IN FACT BETTER EQUIPPED from the situation to interact and have an improved relationship that may not have really existed previoulsy!


Go and do something in YOUR HIGHER POWER’S name to help someone else. ANYONE. It only helps YOU!



~ by siddiq khalifah on June 20, 2008.

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