Friday Morning @ 12:35 Burning The Midnite Oil!

Salaam. Me and The Vest hung out a bit 2day. Its funny last night when i used it the first time, since i ran home from walmart in after i put all the weights on it, besides the walmart peeps, it didnt draw much attention.But today, during daylight hours and running thru the hood, oh my! Cars, people and kids were stopping me to ask what it was and what i was doing with it. I kinda had 2 ask myself that also. Its getting a little more confortable though. But there are so many other things i need to work on and the most important have nothing to do with runnig, but im sure they will help in my focus, determination, etc. Im ready for bed, i gotta double up tommorow, be on point @ work, cuz on fridays i lose alot of work time to attend jumah (religous services).

Oh last week i kissed a man for the first time! well actually the second time. AND it was beautiful.

Don’t get it twisted.

The new iman (minister) @ the largest mosque in town greeted me. next thing i knew he pulled me in and kissed me (actually 3 times). That’s not actually an islamic principle ive ever chose to pratice, cheek to cheek yes, lip to cheek or vice versa, NOPE. but it was one of the most unconditional loving and affectionate acts i ever participated in. Once i throw out my western beliefs and my macho hangups, it felt special and a part of my ever growing direction of completely surrendering myself to my higher power and all relevant things associated with. I’ll further discuss this as a titled blog later. And the first kiss i ever received from a man was a surprise, from my dad in 2003 when he came to visit me in cali. he just did it. i did it back (probably reluctantly- waiting 36 or so years to kiss your son would be a surprise). When my step son lived in the same house as i did, me and him kissed quite a bit, hes an affectionate boy! And i miss him, but i know hes well looked after, so that’s all i can ask for. Good nite. Salaam.

PASS THE LINKS and Comment, will ya, its not that hard, its not like you have to pay to do it. Unless you think childrens causes arent deserving of that HUGE sacrifice.


and stay tuned for huge announcement. jokes aside, i might not even survive it (what an idiot). seriously.

 Oh and i almost 4got, while running i ran into someone who saw me on less than favorable circumstances and they said they were proud of me. it made my day (more xplanation l8r-BED)



~ by siddiq khalifah on June 20, 2008.

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