The Vest

Whoa nelly! I worked, went to arabic class then home where i quickly ate, mmmmm yummy, bachelor’s cooking! Some baked fish, pretty good i might add and some pasta in a box.Now i cheated and took half of the parmesian mix from a good one and half the chese from a fake macaroni in the box out another one and mixed it then added some parm sprinkled in for that extra “je ne sais pas” (but i do “know”-ha). Oh you didn’t know ur boy siddiq could parlez vous francais un peu did ya?! Anyway then i decided 2 run up to this new walmart (could i get a sponsor please if i can’t at least get ONE REAL COMMENT OUTTA YOU PEOPLE?) and got “The Vest” (shoulda been a seinfeld episode, at least in Khalifah-land). Wow. its pretty hottttttt!. It’s all make you feel like a soldier kewl. It was a little harder than i expected to run in, so i partly power walked to get used to. But this eve, i ran about 5 miles 2 walmart, then 2/3, 1/3 run/power walked the same aprox five miles back. That Vest is gonna be my salvation. I named it “Fitnah” (trial) though i might change it to burden, but im not that smart, i’ll have to look that one up! Anyway it’s 20 pound weighted. So i can trick my muscles and cardio system to believe im 20 lbs heavier and get better, quicker results. If, i mean IF i trained in that everyday, i could conceivably lose enuf weight and build enuf wind and strength to qualify boston for my age (im an old, really really old man). But that is a stretch. I will use it to maximize my current efforts and more effectively manage my workouts, since time is becoming extremely finite with work, mosque, studies, training etc. it’s late and i need to get back in stride and do a morning session (probably a vested one-OH MY. “What a rush” – Freddy Krueger.




~ by siddiq khalifah on June 19, 2008.

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