It’s Been a While- Staind/ Tuesdays Edition

Funny.That song lyric constantly repeats as the opening and each time gives different things that “it’s been a while”. Unfortunately most of them are pretty morbid or bad memories which I identify with manytimes. Today (kinda yesterday) i took a break, which has been about 3 weeks since i took a day off. Admittedly you wont see it much and i’ll probably talk about it even less. But i needed a rest. To catch up on sleep, thought, routine, dialogue w/several peeps, do some shopping/organization (which mostly never happened) and avoid the weather (which completely never happened). Well i got a big day ahead. Need to play catch up @ work, get back on training horse and get ready for THE VEST, make sum permanent lifestyle changes and adjustments (this is big stuff world) and several other things.

Like the song it hasn’t been that long since “i messed up things like i always do” nor since i said i’m sorry” but that isn’t what we’re concentrating on TODAY. we’re concentrating on (while not harboring ANY resentments to the past whether it be people, place or thing, letting go AND) moving on. Hey there was this really kewl lil girl i was helping who took a break from gettin help let’s week. Please let’s keep her in our prayers folks! (that could be you, i or your wife, daughter, mom or sister-thanks).

Stay tuned for the HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT. this one’s so big it might involve tanks and boston and simulcast and multiple languages. It’s sick, as some may say i am, but…


~ by siddiq khalifah on June 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “It’s Been a While- Staind/ Tuesdays Edition”

  1. hey!!!! i like da way u write cuz it’s pretty tight! and i like the way u put dat song in ur work! sorry u had 2 take a break but u iz goin 2 do wat u gotta do! i respect dat! well im lost n words n i have nuttin much 2 say!


  2. kew-wel!!!
    i mentioned them too on “break the cycle” (search my blog 4 it). i like that band!

    thanks 4 ur comments and keep comin back!

    heck u mite get a post on one of the blogs one day, also see

    or just type

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