As The Days Go By- David Byrne of the Talking Heads

Well, its kinda funny, as the days go by, i get a little stronger, a little lighter and a little littler.I also get a little more focused, a little more peace and little more closure and a little more determined. But as my mom always says, you gottaeat an elephant one bite at a time. And my mom is usually right, however, due to the importance of this particular mission (like im some sort of superhero, spy or recon soldier-yeah right.), im gonna have to take bigger bites. Furthermore as the days go by im concluding that the focus of children will remain the same, but in some way i plan on making this a little more universal and though i am a muslim and this is primarily to assist to islamic children’s programs that are near to me, i don’t want any deserving child in northeast ohio to not at least have the ability to be reached by our actions however large or small, regardless of their parent’s religous, spiritual or cultural views or disposition. Because that is is just that, their parents position, the innocence of children in essence is a direct reflection of the universal unconditional love of all our higher power and they should be treat as such! Therefore there will more than likely be some addition(s). I’ll keep ya posted. This should be an opportunity for people to work together for the common goal of improving the overall well being of children, specifically in our area. Let it be known, this is purely my decision and anyone who truly knows me should not and would not be surprised. For anyone this offends, OH WELL.

Just finished run2 of the day and need to still do resistance (lift weights). And I am a complete idiot, i almost quit smokin, but… and i ate virtually a whole selrising pizza before i ran (i ithink its still rising in my stomach).

PLEASE COMMENT.  Wanna remain anonymous, then create a character, look @ me for instance. Bad example. I know my only comment ain’t gonna be no prank (sorry about the double negative, in rare instances i revert to ebonics or “ghetto slang”.




~ by siddiq khalifah on June 17, 2008.

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