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Yesterday by 11:30 PM, I hadn’t ran or workout @ all. I got consumed by sleep, work and other things. And unfortunately I trained very minimally due to other unforseen circumstances (ie. arguing with my ex, LMAO, cuz Im telling the truth and it sounds kinda stupid, better yet it is kinda stupid).That said.I was informed of a potential engagenent for Saturday morning that might prevent me from running again, so I strapped on some reflect clothing and a blinker and hit the road. I finished about 1 or so and i hot back up @ 6 and did it again. I feel good that I partially made up, but I wanna (intend) to get 2 more moderate (5-8 mile) sessions in TODAY on top of that. So I need to spread em out and do one somewhere around 2-4 and another around 8-10. That way they wont be too much of a burden. I also need to do at least one, but goal for 2 sets of resistance. We’re not gonna discuss smoking today, cuz i haven’t yet, but i don’t feel like this is my closure yet (which unfortunately is a self-fulfilling prophecy, like anything else in life).

Let’s briefly discuss my last tidbit. If u plan on failing, plan on not doing sumthing, etc. You will get exactly what u plan for. It’s manifest destiny (btw those are the processes of machivelli Tupac Shakur was studying along w/ “ends justifying means”- a concept Malcom X modified and later rapper KRS-ONE, NOT faking his own death). If u plan on befriending someone, buying a certain car, getting a specific job, etc. You don’t neccesarily get what you want when you want it. But your direction is clear and set. Ultimately in some regard you will get what you predesiganted for yourself. We as human beings are separated from the rest of God’s creation by one thing only, the ability to make choice. We are still ultimately willed by Him, but he allows US the right and responsibility to chose how we are guided by that will. Faith w/o works is dead. If you want something, go after it. If you want something back, whatever or whoever that be, get them back. But by your faith and WORKS. One can be patient and faithful and confident as possible, BUT LET’S be real about this point. If I were to do nothing faithfully, patiently, confidently with no works (OPERATE OFF MY OWN CHOICE), there is no way i would fair as well running a marathon as with work. As a matter of factly w/o true divine intervention i might not finish at all. We and our WORK must be an integral part of the equation IN ANY SITUATION, DECISION, RESOLUTION, etc. We can’t just hope for guidance or assistance and without work and dedication and feel what we are receiving is God sent. Nuff ramblin’.

My mommy, my ex, THE COOLEST LIL COUSIN ON THE PLANET- LEXI (ALEXANDRIA) and my babies are sumwhere having tons of fun!

Tommorow I may try one long run, but we’ll see if i get pre-sore.

I see yesterday was the busiest day on the blog so far. Thanks and keep up the good work for all those out there in “Khalifahland” which i partially defined in yesterday’s blog- HA. MAKE COMMENTS, DONATE, PASS THE LINK TO THE SITE AND BLOG and keep me and my family and extended familiy in your prayers.





~ by siddiq khalifah on June 14, 2008.

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