Training Day (like Denzel) HA!

On Mon 6/16/2008 I will start officially training, though I have ran several hundred miles and dropped a third of a human being (weight wise- again “you go boy”).But now it is time to truly start focusing on IMMEDIATELY and ABSOLUTELY stopping smoking (easier said than done o ye of so much faith!), starting and improving interval/sprint/stair and resitance cardio, FORM (i’m not really a runner you know, im a big fat clumsy brother, HA! and i don’t think any of those things aid me in my quest, but NONE OF THEM will sway me from my goals). There are ALSO many intangibles, some not running related at all that need work, consideration and focus. See, running and the results thereof is a reflection of a total mindset, athletically on the service, spiritually from the resolve and peace we get as runners when running and preparing for and recovering afterwards (you will have to have experienced this zen to understand the peace i speak of), mentally because it’s all about goalsetting and achieving those goals is a patient, faithful, consistent and CALCULATED manner and emotionally, in the fact that how and when and why u run can be a direct indication of how yur life is going in other areas and how you pace, breath etc can be a reflection of that. You probably won’t find my observations about running in “Runner’s World” my favorite magazine BTW (somebody get me some sponsorship LOL) as “industry” or accepted principle, but in the words of Hunter on the old tv series “works for me” (!).  I know how many people see this blog daily, but not how many actually read it. But regardless, if u come.  Comment, call me an idiot or something, i won’t trip! But dialog. Okay. Hey I gotta get 2 work, i got babies 2 feed and miles to run. See ya 4 now.


~ by siddiq khalifah on June 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Training Day (like Denzel) HA!”

  1. Salaam !

    Hey I think what you’re trying to do is great. Its mice to see someone take a time out from being consumed with themselves and try to help someone else. It looks like by trying to help someone else Allah is blessing you with improving yourself as well. Stay patient and keep working to stop smoking, because it will only help you running and bring you closer to Allah! I wish you much success.


    By the way I only signed up for an account on here to be able to share this with YOU! And you’re pretty cute, too.

  2. Well it’s “mice” to see someone comment too. You know Ms. Khalifah girl, still LOL, i get 2 approve whether the comments get posted or not, but i know this HAS 2 be someone i know messing with me. And to whoever it is, why don’t you start spreading the link to the site and blog around and BETTER use your time. But I was quoted as saying i wanted some comments.


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