BIG LOSSES !Well, the alarm clock got up, but i didn’t my early run or resistance end this morning, which kinda means i shoulod at least intend to double-up tonight. When i fianlly did rise-up i notice alot of soreness, so maybe i needed a small break anyway. Last nite was a trip. It was burnig hot and humid one minute and it was “i wonder when noah (pbuh) is gonna pass by so i can get out this flood” the next minute. At least it cooled things down form my return-run (that’s kinda like a return flight, only its free and u gotta do it urself 2 get back 2 ur staring point or ur stuck!). The rest of my evening was fruitful and positive and gave me some resolve about my past, present and future. I am starting to believe that the only determing factor in life concerning true happiness in anything is the satisfaction one feels as a result of using their ability to willingly do things that please an element of their spirituality (ie. the God of their understanding). As it relates to tasks at work, home, family, relationships, running or any other aspects of life are all basically the same. So Khalifah Land, im signing off for now. But id like to thank Charles Harris or “Booba” an ex-college roommate of mine for acknowleging my efforts and this project, as well as Cherron Brown (a lil sis in my fraternity back in the day and “spec”ial friend, Gayle Chambers, a college and cuurent friend for her immediate respones when i first announced that our websites was up and all others that have been positive towards our actions. If you read this blog or visit the site, please make comments AND forward the link to other individuals and organizations, no matter which city you live in because helping children no matter from what reference point should be important and not limited to geographical, racial, cultural, spiritual or any other dispositions. It should be related to HELPING ALL CHILDREN WHEREVER THEY RESIDE PERIOD. They are the foundation of our future and the heirs of our past. Well i gotta stay focused this week and drop some baggage and make some needed additions. Im also going to have to begin to factor fasting (different forms into my program as well- though it is difficult with the caloric timing and requirements of tryin double workouts, but ill work through it as i will all else with the guidance and authority of the POWER that be. 



~ by siddiq khalifah on June 10, 2008.

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