Well those out there in Khalifah Land (my imagined large audience LOL),I fininshed the weekend off thru the good pts and less than good pts with @38 miles- long slow miles).But that gives me hope and confidence that i will steadily improve, out run both my problems and bad habits, continue to lose weight (im on a tear, im dn to about 213 lbs from 265 on 4/13/08- In the words of “Gina” from the Martin Show “YOU GO BOY”! I’ve doubled up 4 a week now and am getting confortable with the mileage, the time commitment and the SORENESS IS reducing! And I did resistance lats night and this morning, i’ll probably go light tonite too, because when i train out in rural Hudson, OH during the weekends @ my parents i seem to negelct resistance and focus on mileage. Work is going slow, but i’ll keep prospecting, making calls and either build up 4 later or knock something down today! Life going pretty good. Still excited bout seeing my daughter and ex-wife over weekend and still haven’t completely recovered from divorce, but by God’s grace all is well and in his will (not mine) will continue to be well. And probably the hardest thing is my ex really is the coolest person on the planet (i almost wish we’d never married if it was gonna fail, cuz im sure our best friendship w/o those painful memories would have continued uniterupted into eternity! But she makes one heckuva baby. Don’t get jealous but our daughter is the prettiest baby on record (if u think its ur kid, ur jus fooling urself- get sum help!). LOL. Yup im a clown. But as far as helping these children and being as prepared to complete that marathon to actualize it THERE IS NO CLOWN IN ME. This week needs to be focused completely on spirituality, work and running.  The order only changes if i can man up and start running to work to spirituality, running and work, but more so out of stupidity than reference point! (LOL again- told ya i was a clown). I will strive to maintain between 1000-1250 calories a day, minimize/stop smokling completely, 80 miles, 10 resitance and some how try to include some power walking, weighted walking/jogging, interval, stairs or sprints and gradually incorporate them all. Well I gotta go back to my cubilcle and GET BUSY.

OH,  VINCE AND VERTICAL RUNNER IN HUDSON HAVE MY GRATITUDE AS DOES OUR WEBHOST WHOSE NAME I WILL PUBLISH LATER.  Thank you both.  Also The Children’s programs @ First Cleveland Mosque (obviously in Cleveland- LOL) are OFFICIALLY on board for the long haul. Thank you Imam Abass.







~ by siddiq khalifah on June 9, 2008.

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