Late evening edition ! you know bonus coverage

If u are fat, smoke at all, have asthma or jus aren’t good in the heat, DO NOT GO RUNNING in 90 degree humid Cleveland weather thinking you’re gonna show the elements. Its so hot and sticky, if this library hadn’t been open I would have just went in the frozen foods in the grocery store and stood there til dark (magrib time for u ummah folks!). Whoa. But you gotta face it sooner or later. And at least now it will be getting cooler. I’ll run, make prayer (get a break-HA!) then by the time i run back home it’ll be another 6 or 7 miles for the eve, a few more calories burned, wind generated and preparedness for the opposite (which is start as its getting hot and run thru the INCREASING HEAT- that’ll show ’em). In the words of the immortal Swiper from “Dora the Explorer”, “Oh man!”  I just remembered i still gotta do another resistance (light that is!). Wait til i get a chance to tell you “the passport thing  But i got the heat of a dragon to battle out there, so i better get moving soon” You know the funny thing about starring in a blog nobody reads yet?  Huh. Me either. I got a memory problem, did i tell u folks how pretty my daughter Zahrah is? Huh. I did.  Did i tell u how cute her “Brain” head sized brother is? Well now i have. This is Siddiq Khalifah, determined do-gooder and fat-man with an attitude” signing off.




~ by siddiq khalifah on June 9, 2008.

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