Sunday 06/08/08 Post Turning Point

FUNNY OBSERVATION: during my nite run elton john’s “saturday” came on the radio and in the dark on a country road in hudson, ohio i started completely LAUGHING OUT LOUD (see yesterday’s blog title).

Salutations,good news: ran 28 miles, walked 3 miles so far this weekend and ate lightly! And barely, just barely smoked since THURSDAY. Got to spend time with my beautiful daughter and her caring mom (my ex-wife) and I’m still hyped. A little bittersweet because it’s like “wouldn’t it be great?” But reality is, it isn’t! Let’s move on (whoa, that’s scary). Super John, the world’s most inspiring newer muslim (at least in “Khalifah Land”) and my friend and webmaster did a surprise one-two and is working nearly as hard as me training 3-4 hours a day to ensure that our goals, not me and John’s helping caring people across the land period! I’ll put in some road work (God be willing 6.5-8 miles tonite and in the morning). And next week will be filled with occupational, spiritual, emotional, post-matrimonal, tobacco-related and other related challenges. Funny thing is staying consistent with my regiment doesn’t look to be one of them and should help me deal with the others. Yesterday a partial scare when a young lady I assisted to get help for chemical abuse wanted to “run away” from the program I helped her get in and wanted me to cosign this decision or lack of which I humble and diplomatically did not. She ended up staying which is good because I know in my heart I wouldn’t have just abandoned her if she had of done something that crucial and it would have impacted me @ a time I need focus. BTW my daughter is like top three of ALL FREAKING TIME (and I’m really just not trying to sound biased by including two unknowns in the list!) Her mommy got her ears pierced today (she’s 3 1/2 mos-my daughter not my ex-you freaks-LOL). We may get partial sponsorship by a good friend of mine who own’s the best and most friendly indi-running store in the state-PERIOD. I hope he keeps this mission in mind, but he has been very inspirational to me and a BIG motivation and help even in the one previous marathon I completed nearly two years ago. But we desparately need sponsors and FOR EVERYONE THAT READS THIS TO SPREAD THIS LINK TO ALL THEY KNOW!





~ by siddiq khalifah on June 8, 2008.

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