Second Post. Friday 6/6/08 Salaam!

Well I put in about 7 miles last nite and restricted my diet to a pre-run small salad and a middle of the nite “this is crazy, i gotta have something to eat” sandwich. I ran about 6 miles this morning, but neglected resitance. Im actually breaking my dont eat during the day til you get to 210 lbs rule and eating lunch today.  And in the words of the immortal Ice Cube, thus far, “Today is just a good day”. Between yesterday and today there have been several life changing decisions, actions and reactions and all of them positive. Very positive and ultimately will aid me in my quests and individual goals to help and asssist children and others in God’s name, including my own, who will be on site shortly. Special thanks to their mother Ayana Fakhir (that’s a shout out sis-even if no one’s reading my blog yet!”). For those who don’t know, I HAVE ISSUES and this is a great format to air some of them out! Hey my parents invited me to spend the weekend w/them for the third weekend in a row. That has never happened in life (outside of me living with them). So God is the greatest. I PLAN on running about 35 PLUS miles this weekend (God be willing) and put in some resistance. I know I’m gonna have to start doing stairs, sprints and interval training soon, to improve my wind. I guess 100% quitting smoking (though i haven’t smoke at all today!) could kinda help too, huh? Well I gotta go to Friday prayer  Thanks for reading and pass this blog and site on to as many others as possible.  Some goofy muslim girl @ work thinks I’m lying to you guys; no its for real ! And that’s scary. LOL.




~ by siddiq khalifah on June 6, 2008.

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